Le Meridien Lav Hotel Split, Croatia

Hotel has a long and rich history of hosting different global conferences and events. Hotel has extremely well equipped rooms conducive to professional presentations. It is easy to access the hotel, whether one use a private or public transportation, because it is placed just below the main road, in Split suburb, hidden from the traffic and noise and placed on the seaside. Furthermore, the conference venue is accessible to participants with disabilities, as well as all the parts of the hotel.

All the rooms are air-conditioned, and free from unnecessary noise or foot traffic distractions. Hotel has a plenary room, 3 big meeting rooms, and 7 meeting rooms, that all have a free wi-fi access. Rooms are suitable for all the conference activities like different sessions or panel discussions, but also as a coffee or break space.

Plenary room Grand Dalmatia can host around 450 people, while Big Meeting Room Grand Dalmatia 1 and 2, and Big Meeting Room Brač, can host more than 150 people, There are also 7 smaller meeting rooms Vis, Korčula, Hvar, Lastovo, Brac 1, Brac 2, and Brac 3 can accommodate more than 25-35 people each. The Hotel policy is to offer a group rates with discount for the participants of the conference.

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